About the School

Our History

St. Michael’s Junior Day Nursery had its beginning on 38 Ward Street in Paterson, NJ. Four Sisters of the Daughters of Charity of the Most Precious Blood had been invited to come to the United States from Italy by the late Monsignor Carlo Cianci, who was the Pastor of St. Michael’s Church in Paterson, NJ. They were offered a residence big enough to convert some of the space for a Day Nursery and so, on October 2, 1949 under the title of St. Michael’s Junior Day Nursery, the Sisters were able to open the nursery's doors and welcome a lively group of three year old children eager to learn and play.

Later, in March of 1952, always with the help of Monsignor Carlo Cianci, they built a larger school which is the present St. Michael’s, located between Front Street and Birch Street. Today, the Sisters in carrying on the legacy of the early pioneers, are constantly finding new ways, through technology and updated resources, to ever stimulate, challenge and guide the little ones in a religious and peaceful atmosphere so as to prepare them to face the ever changing and challenging world.


Our Philosophy

Where Students Come First

Children are individuals who develop unique ways of responding to what goes on around them.  As we guide the child through his/her process of becoming an independent person we provide him/her with an environment favorable to his/her physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.  Thus, he/she may assert himself/herself and develop his/her potentials towards achieving a well-adjusted personality.

Our overall philosophy is to bring about a greater degree of social competence through respect for the individual child and the parent’s feelings as they come and are integrated in the school-family setting.


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